Commonwealth Oil’s Product Lines

Browse through the entire catalogue of Commonwealth Oil products that are all made to ISO 9001:2008 specifications. From our leading EDM to Low Temperature Hydraulic Oils to Heavy Duty Stamping Oils, our vast product list is always growing and improving. Links to Material Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data and more can be found on individual product pages.

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If you’re not using North America’s #1 Di-Electric Fluid, you’re missing out. Commonwealth Oil’s EDM-244™ is a special fluid, developed by Commonwealth Oil for Electrical Discharge Machines utilized to produce very fine and intricate cuts and profiles. EDM-244™ works very well when machining graphite electrodes.

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TMC 2050

TMC™ 2050 is a clear green, clean, environmentally friendly synthetic metalworking fluid designed specifically to work in a variety of tube mills. TMC™ 2050 is formulated to accept maximum rejuvenation, thereby extending the service life of the coolant. Operator acceptance is very high.

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CommCool™ HD

CommCool™ HD semi-synthetic metalworking fluid has been specifically formulated to provide you with superior performance for all your metalworking needs. For product consolidation, CommCool™ HD is an excellent choice, it is one of the most economical and most efficient products available on the market!

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