Commonwealth Oil places customer satisfaction just as highly as the quality of our products. Commonwealth Oil is pleased to offer our services to the general public and our distributors. We know that once you work with our trained staff and full time laboratory staff you will see why we are regarded as the best in our industry.

We are experienced in preventative maintenance. Commonwealth Oil offers a wide range of testing and analytical solutions. To get a better idea of those services please read more information below, talk to your local distributor or contact us directly.


Lab Services Provided by Commonwealth Oil

Acid Number
Bacteria, Mold and Yeast
Cast Iron Chip
Chlorine Content
Copper Strip
Disolved Metals in Oil
Fat Content
Flash Point
IR Scan
Moisture Content / Crackle Test
Particle Count
pH Value
Refractive Index
Specific Gravity
Sulfur Content
Total Metals
Viscosity Determination